WELCOME, EARTHLINGS! (now do my bidding)


First of all, welcome to my blog!  Who am I, you ask, clutching your mouse (or i-something) closer, fearful of the unknown that lurks just a pixel away!  Not to worry, Dear Reader.  I am just a lowly writer – a graduate of Clarion West ’92 – with thirty-eight published short stories, two in REALMS OF FANTASY and one in INTERZONE.  Yes, there was a time I wrote fantasy – before reality intervened with a steel-toed boot to the tuchis.

I have written a memoir of my downward slide during the Great Recession:  Don’t Let Me Die In A Motel 6,  which, God and my agent permitting (sometimes I equate the two), will make its way to Amazon and a bookstore near you before we all die of sporadic healthcare.

Besides my authorial career, I labored fifteen long years for the Hollywood studios, living through highs like Star Wars and Alien and the shameful lows like Gimme An ‘F’ (for “fun”):  which featured cheerleading girls.  Away at Camp “Beaverview.” Since you asked, I worked for Fox, Warner, Universal, New Line, DeLaurentiis, Lorimar Pictures and Savoy.  I was involved in feature film advertising, which sounds a lot more interesting than it is.  While at the Della Femina Ad agency, my colleague & I came up with the immortal tagline for Michael Caine’s Shock To The System:  DIE, YUPPIE SCUM!  If you ever saw a movie ad in a newspaper (that’s that thing made of paper, Millennials) I might have played a modest part.

What else can I tell you?  I did standup at The Comedy Store in Hollywood (in the same room which founded Whoopi & Roseanne), and a not-so-funny sit-down when my employer, Washington Mutual, decided to go supernova, leaving vast nebular remnants – and employees – clutching the night sky.  What followed wasn’t pretty:  2.5 years of unemployment; foreclosure; bankruptcy; repo; and at the last, Stage II breast cancer.  Of course, you’ll read about it in my upcoming book.  Over a nice cup of coffee. In the meantime, my intent is to blog about issues that interest me, mouthing off into cyberspace to anyone willing to listen.  WARNING:  I am a left-leaning Progressive.  As I said in my routine:  I have nothing against Republicans — I just won’t have one in my house.

Happy reading, and fill free to leave comments galore!  Keeping it civil would be nice, but there is nothing you can say that some studio exec (or hurled chair) hasn’t said –with a thud – before.  Since most Tweets and comments on the Web are of the imma sell my ho variety, I’m hoping to elevate the discourse.